Group courses

weekly courses

The courses are mainly held in the Studio of the Bewegungswelt in St.Gallen. Courses are also offered in Niederteufen, Teufen and Zurich.

courses for children

To awaken the joy to move is the elementary goal of the dance courses for children. Children dance in an imaginative way with suitable music. At the same time the feeling for rhythm and coordination are trained.

In these classes we have three groups: the four years old, the six years old and the nine years old children. This is only an approximate classification. Depending on the development, the allocation is made differently in consultation with the child and the parents.

Creative children’s dance classes are currently offered in Teufen, Speicher and St.Gallen, while acrobatics is offered exclusively in St.Gallen.

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courses for young people

In this group one or more dance styles are practiced. This involves the training of the respective style, especially with regard to technique.

The Contemporary Dance classes take place in Niederteufen, Modern Jazz Dance can be attended in Trogen, while Contemporary, Ballet and Standard & Latin Dance are offered in St.Gallen.

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Courses for (expectant) mothers

From about the 20th week of pregnancy, pregnant women can join our birth preparation, which lasts ten weeks. The focus is increasingly on breathing. Body awareness will be deepened with like-minded people during these hours.

After the birth, the pelvic floor is strengthened and the muscles rebuilt.

These courses are offered in St.Gallen.

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With a diverse range of Pilates, dance and body training courses we offer everything your heart desires. By clicking on your interests below, you will find detailed explanations of the course contents and the corresponding prerequisites. In the heart of the city we offer Pilates with equipment on new, ultra-modern Cadillacs, reformers, springboards, and, most exclusively, Aerial Yoga.

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